PeopleVision 2030
  • We are building the blocks for securing the future of the organization by putting in place expansion, branding, digital interventions, and recyclables towards building my #Vision2030 for AM/NS India.

    Akshaya Gujral
    Head - Sales Steering, Distribution & BD
  • Driving people to believe that they make a difference sets leadership apart from management. It is vital to instil integrity, inclusiveness, and insight as we build a dynamic workforce for unwavering progress that lives by our values. This is my #Vision2030.

    Anil Matoo
    Head - HR, IR & Administration
  • On the premise of our country's pursuit of an Atmanirbhar Bharat, my #Vision2030 stands in concurrence with the National Steel Policy - spearheading projects that contribute to the 300 MT production capacity in India by 2030.

    Rajiv Bhatnagar
    Executive Director - Odisha Projects
  • Customer Relationship and Customer Centricity are fundamental to our DNA. We are strengthening it further through digitalization, ingenious distribution strategies, and innovative product offerings - pillars of my #Vision2030.

    Ranjan Dhar
    Chief Marketing Officer