Steel Making

Step 1

We begin by extracting the ironore from our mines at Thakuraniand Sagasahi in Odisha

Step 2

We cleanse and purify the extractediron ore at the beneficiation facilities atDabuna, Odisha and Kirandul, Chhattisgarh.

Step 3

We transport the refined iron to ourpellet facilities through an extensivenetwork of slurry pipelines.

Step 4

We transform iron into pellets atour port-based pellet facilities atParadeep, Odisha and Visakhapatnam,Andhra Pradesh.

Step 5

We transport iron pelletsthrough cargo ships to theport at Hazira in Gujarat.

Step 6

We transport iron pellets fromthe port to our Hazira facility throughseveral conveyor belts.

Step 7

We convert iron pellets into molteniron or DRI using a blast furnace,MIDREX, and COREX.

Step 8

The liquid iron is processed throughan electric arc furnace and CONARCto achieve the required steel quality.

Step 9

The steel is refined through chemicalprocessing, converted to slabs, andultimately rolled into a finished product.

Step 10

Through galvanizing, colourcoating, and many other processes,we customize steel as per specificrequirements in Pune.

Step 11

We transport value-added steelproducts to our service centres andhypermarts via railways or othercommercial vehicles.

Step 12

We deliver steel solutionsto our customers across thecountry - and beyond.