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About AM/NS MSME Connect

The Micro

Small and Medium

The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
sector is a major contributor to the socioeconomic
development of the country. In India, the sector has
gained significant importance due to itscontribution
to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country
and exports. AM/NS MSME Connect aims to empower
the vast and vibrant MSME sector with direct access
to products they are otherwise unable to source
directly from steel mills, catering to their demands
across fabricators, engineering goods, and auto

Manufacturing Plant

About Hazira Facility

Hazira Steel Plant, Gujarat, is a well-planned, sophisticated facility with a highly integrated and modern complex. With
an achievable capacity of 9 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA), the company holds the distinction of owning and
operating one of the largest single-location flat steel plants in the world.

About Pune Facility

This facility has a galvanized steel capacity of 1.0 MTPA, whereas colour coated steel is 0.4 MTPA.
The pre-painted galvanized iron (PPGI) from the AM/NS India has become the most sought-after product in the category.
With innovations and their integration, the final products are durable, reliable and sustainable.

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AM/NS Borostar

AM/NS BOROSTAR belongs to a family of Boron; carbon steels developed to improve hardenability during heat treatment. With hardenability equivalent to that of much higher carbon steels and more expensive low alloy steels, these Boron grades are perfect for applications that require steel to bear very high impact loads and simultaneously possess wear /abrasion resistance properties. The prime advantage of hot forming steels is their suitability for water quenching, making the process more environmental friendly than that used for conventional carbon steel. BOROSTAR displays excellent hardening performance during both liquid and gas quenching.

AM/NS Tufmax

AM/NS TUFMAX belongs to a family of hot-rolled high strength, cold forming steel distinguished by excellent formability and good weldability. It finds its usage in chassis, structural components, Tipper body in automotive segment and crane boom in yellow goods segment. Low level of carbon and precise addition of grain refiners such as Nb,Ti & / or V together with a clean structure make the steel a competitive alternative for cold formed and welded products. The use of high-strength steel ensures environmental benefits by conservation of raw material and energy, reduced dead weight, increased payload and a longer useful life.

AM/NS Solgal

AM/NS SOLGAL is a steel with better properties and longer life guarantees. It combines strong aesthetics, corrosion resistance and long life; making it an ideal choice for solar energy. The zinc coatings on SOLGAL help resist corrosion due to the barrier protection and sacrificial characteristics of the coating. It is available with a minimised spangle to impart a uniform surface appearance.