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AM/NS India - Heavy Plates

The heavy plates are rolled in thickness ranging between 6 mm and 150 mm, with a maximum width of 4,900 mm and maximum length of 25,000 mm. The maximum unit plate weight is 17 MT. The plates are catered to various application segments including line pipe, boilers and pressure vessels, wind energy, yellow goods, ship building and defense.

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Salient Features

Widest Plate Mill
India's widest plate mill, producing 5-meter-wide plates with a capacity of 1.5 MTPA in accordance with International Standards.
Metallurgical Process
Employing the best steel making technology and processes, AM/NS India plates contain low levels of sulphur, phosphorous and gaseous content. Calcium treatment and inclusion shape control reduces internal discontinuities giving plates improved toughness, enhanced fatigue life, better weldability, and excellent shape properties.
Thermo - Mechanical Controlled Processed (TMCP) with Accelerated Direct Cooling (ADCO) and Direct Quenching (DQ) facilities offer Steel plates with improved abrasion resistance and wear performance, good formability and high tensile strength with high toughness.
Customized Plate
Equipped with advanced Hydraulic Automatic Gauge Control (HAGC), online Gamma Thickness Gauge and L-2 Automation, AM/NS India can supply steel plates as per desired thickness, width, length, and profiles, required for specific projects or applications.

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