Why AM/NS India


AM/NS India is a place where people and ideas flourish in pursuit of a common purpose: making smart steel for a rising India.

Innovation runs deep at AM/NS India: it is inherent and rewarded across every aspect of our business.

We invest in our people: we support progression, fuel learning and development and provide global opportunities to advance careers.

Today’s leaders guiding tomorrow’s leaders: our employees have close and regular access to our leadership – to learn, share ideas and work as one.

Career progression

We give employees purpose and a pathway to advance at AM/NS India, while building the next generation of leaders for India’s steel industry.

We recognise that the increasingly complex and interconnected world we live in calls for new and bold approaches from industry leaders to inspire change and break new ground.

To do this, we believe our own leaders and those hoping to build a career at AM/NS India must know how to track trends, recognise opportunity and anticipate risks, all in order to devise and regularly adapt our approach to building India’s leading steel company.

At AM/NS India, we have created a series of structured development initiatives that support the progression of employees seeking skills and knowledge associated with leadership. This includes access to leadership and executive management development programs from some of India’s leading academic institutes. Our bespoke development programs are built to help employees become more effective in their current roles and realize their full potential.

We also encourage our employees to pursue job rotations, secondments and opportunities which allow them to enrich their skills and broaden horizon. These opportunities sit within India and abroad, with our parent companies ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel.

In return for our investment in our people and their progress, we are rewarded with their trust, loyalty and valuable contribution.

Rewards and benefits

AM/NS India’s approach to rewards and benefits has been designed to motivate, appreciate and recognise employee contribution. We determine rewards based on performance and conduct – individual and collective – in the pursuit of our business objectives and in line with our culture.

We reward employees in many ways, both tangible and intangible: from instant commendation for a job well done to ensuring exemplary achievements and role models are recognised and celebrated throughout the organisation.

Benefits at AM/NS India include:

  • Flexible work schedules.
  • Access to health and wellness services
  • Family-friendly policies, including job opportunities for family members of employees based in our communities. Importantly, at AM/NS India you will be part of an organisation that is helping build modern India.

Learning and development

AM/NS India fosters continuous development so employees can learn, share and grow their skills, knowledge and awareness across a range of disciplines. We seek to identify specific learning needs of each individual and tailor learning to advance both professional development and AM/NS India’s strategy, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve and retain the very best talent in the steel industry.

We apply this in practice with a 70:20:10 approach to learning and development: Experience - On the job (70); Exchange – including coaching and mentoring by some of the best in the industry (20); and Education - access to online and class-based training programs (10), including a strong mix of technical, functional, behavioural and leadership programs, led by both internal and external experts.

Employees are regularly sponsored to attend seminars, conferences and management programs at some of India’s most respected academic institutes.

Graduates and students

What we offer

At AM/NS India, we are proud to have a strong corpus of managers and engineers who have progressed though the company over the years, having joined the company as graduates through campus recruitment.

As a graduate joiner, you will receive a comprehensive induction and orientation programme after which we provide ongoing mentoring by and shadowing our heads of departments. We make every effort to match each recruit with a mentor that has the expertise and experience to guide their professional ambition.

Our induction program equips our new recruits with the information and guidance they need to navigate our organisation, understand our culture and help solve problems and seize opportunities early on.

Our skills academy at Hazira provides a comprehensive schedule of classroom-based learning, as well as on-the-job training, seminars, field work and demonstrations to equip our graduate recruits with technical skills. We complement our technical programs with other aspects of development, such as behavioural training and we regularly update our entire suite of programs and include refresher courses at regular intervals. And our graduate recruits get to work with some of the most modern steel making technologies in India.

Experienced professionals

What we offer

As an emerging steel leader, we rely and thrive on a strong and experienced team of professionals across a range of business and engineering functions.

We offer immense opportunities for experienced professionals to contribute to the growth and progression of AM/NS India’s manufacturing plants and corporate offices.

Our lineage also provides wide opportunities for our professional managers to benefit from knowledge and the resources of two of world’s leading steel companies. AM/NS India is able to offer unparalleled opportunities to those who want to travel and experience life in different cultures.

We have developed systems and processes to encourage our people to challenge their boundaries and try new things.

This approach not only drives better results for the company but also accelerates individuals’ personal growth.

The diversity of our operations and reach also guarantee ample space for professionals to grow across steel and mining, management, and engineering with electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, mining, and manufacturing skills.

Life at AM/NS India

Work culture and environment

Our values inform everything we do and how we do it. Our people embody our corporate values through their conduct: ‘say, stay, and strive.

We harness and retain talent through effective engagement and a keen focus on their development.

We take immense pride in the following aspects of life at AM/NS India:

  • Quality of life with job security, safety and work-life balance.
  • Organizational culture: diversity and inclusion, customer focus, and innovation.
  • Flexible working

We care for our employees

We place great emphasis on listening to and learning from our employees. We believe that being open, honest and transparent with our people results in a richer, more fulfilling workplace. It encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise to improve ourselves collectively and as individuals.

A combination of forums, facilities and initiatives exist to encourage discussion, ideas and, ultimately, a spirit of community at AM/NS India. These include:

  • Online and in-person communication platforms for senior leaders to share their objectives, vision, milestones and plans for their future.
  • Regular and transparent dialogue between employees, leaders and HR to share concerns and suggestions.
  • An online portal for employees to lodge queries, offer ideas and raise challenges.
  • A regular stream of social, cultural and community events to bring together families, friends and colleagues.
  • Critical community infrastructure and services, including township facilities such as housing, schools, hospitals, parks and leisure centres, food courts and shopping complexes.