Approach and strategy

A stringent process of needs assessment and stakeholder consultation are integral to our CSR approach. Our CSR initiatives are collaborative for sustainability of the efforts: we consult with our local communities. We also work with the local government and community-based organisations. Periodic monitoring and evaluation is being carried out for lasting impact. Our goal is to deliver transformative change focusing on six themes aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and India’s Company Act, 2013, which prescribes CSR activity:

Community Profiling & Stakeholder Segmentation

Community profiling and stakeholder segmentation to understand the social and economic background of the villages.

Need Assessment and Prioritization

Need assessment through baseline study for identification of gaps and low hanging fruits and its prioritization.

Community Participation

Identification of interest areas, strength, future aspirations in life for community participation.

Initiative Planning

Plan adequate tailored made initiatives, as per need and interest to bridge gaps.

Implementation: Innovation & Collaboration

Implementation : Relevant, Innovative and Collaborative delivery methods for sustainability.

Developing role models to act as a catalyst for developmental change.

Developing linkages: collaboration with local government, community based organization and like minded bodies.

Periodic Monitoring and Evaluation

Periodic monitoring and evaluation for lasting impact

Thematic areas

Thematic Areas
HEALTH Our Integrated Community Health Care initiative aims at providing better healthcare. Our approach is to partner with government health programmes, with a focus on behavioral change communication, community mobilization, and awareness. Additionally, our mobile medical unit, ambulance service, and special health camps at select locations offer vital last mile accessibility.
EDUCATION We facilitate education by upgrading and offering general support to village schools and aanganwadi centers. Our aim is to ensure our communities have access to quality education.
LIVELIHOOD Our CSR activities are both farm and non-farm based. A key component of our livelihood initiatives is vocational skills training beyond agriculture, where the main beneficiaries are female self-help groups (SHG), unemployed youth, fishing communities, and farmers.
SPORTS & CULTURE We collaborate with village youth clubs to organize sports and cultural events throughout the year, helping to spot and nurture exceptional talent and fostering strong community bonding.
COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT We have undertaken local works such road building, renovating community infrastructure, village electrification, construction of RCC drains, excavation, and restoration of water bodies. This is a way of developing local economies and our communities’ quality of living.
  • Environment – Our nurseries routinely distribute saplings to nearby villages, encouraging ecological conservation.
  • Emergency relief measures – every disaster is potentially a target for our support, depending on their location and our own ability to respond meaningfully.

Our Initiatives

Thematic area Key initiatives Description Location
Health Mobile medical unit The unit runs in 12 villages in three gram panchayat, five days a week, staffed by a doctor and paramedical support offering preventive and curative health treatments and free medication at their doorstep. Paradeep
Health Medical center/ dispensary The dispensary ensures access to quality primary healthcare provided by doctors and paramedics. Free medicines are provided to neighboring communities. We provide free 24x7 ambulance service for referral cases to larger healthcare facilities when required. Dabuna
Health District disability resource center (DDRC) The resource center conducts the identification, certification, and awareness of persons with disabilities and provides support for persons with disabilities and health check-ups through Govt. DDRC Sukma. Sukma
Health Health/ sanitation awareness camps Periodic camps are organized on menstrual hygiene, TB, AIDS, pulse polio drive among others to raise awareness and dispel misinformation. The sanitation and cleanliness drives are conducted in the villages to sensitize community for healthy and clean surrounding. All site locations
Education Support to school Teaching and learning material, library set up, school benches, additional classroom, provision of toilets and water filters are distributed to support local education infrastructure. Community teachers are also provided to bridge the gap of student teacher ratio for better learnings. All site locations
Education Tribal residential school We provide free food to children boarded in a residential school in Telkoi, a tribal dominated block of Keonjhar District run by an NGO, RDVO. Some 54 orphaned children are provided nutritious meals every day. Dabuna
Livelihood Lok vikas kendra - tailoring center The tailoring center conducts sewing and stitching courses for women. This is a six-month course and includes other vocational training such as mehndi drawing, baking, and computer skills. Paradeep, Dabuna, Hazira
Livelihood ITI, Telkoi ITC, Telkoi trains local youth in electrical trades, which is recognized by the state government (SCVT). About two dozen promising individuals are presently enrolled in the 4th batch (2018-2020). Dabuna
Livelihood Vegetable, wild date palm jaggery mushroom, fishery, banana cultivation We promote alternative means of livelihood beyond agriculture, with training in cultivating vegetables, mushroom, producing jaggery, banana and fish rearing. Kirandul, Dantewada, Paradeep
Animal husbandry Vaccination of Cattle. Timely checkup and vaccination of cattle to prevent illness and better output. This is carried out in partnership with District Livestock Health & Disease Control department. Malkangiri
Livelihood Teen circle- adolescent resource center To facilitate the social, psychological, and physical development of adolescent girls, we conduct recreational activities and create opportunities for skills enhancement including courses on beauty therapy, how to produce soft toys, terracotta decorative items, and other crafts. Paradeep
Sports & Culture Promotion of sports and culture We routinely organize sports tournaments to nurture young talent. The local sports club are also provided sports kit and uniforms for practice. Freedom Cup Cricket tournament for physically challenged, Surat is being organized annually. We participate in local cultures and traditions actively throughout the year. All site locations
Community Infra. Dev. Drinking water We provide safe drinking water to villages through potable water tankers, offer handpump repair and installation, borewells for drinking water, and overhead tank with a piped drinking water facility. All site locations
Community Infra. Dev. Construction, Repair and renovation of community asset We carry out construction or repair work for village roads, toilets, village community hall, youth clubs and village streetlights across our sites. All site locations
Environment - plantation and greening Drive We routinely conduct cleanliness and plantation drives, distributing saplings to village stakeholders and youth clubs and planting them. We undertake environmental protection measures by adopting solar based technologies, solid waste management and conservation of water. We observe the Van mohatsava, Environment day, World ozone day with the community to sensitize them towards protecting and preserving the plant earth from global warming. All site locations
Others Celebration of international and national days We celebrate all important national and international days including International Women Day, Independence and Republic day, and World Aids Day. All site locations
Others Emergency relief measures in natural calamity We provide support to local government administrations in cases of calamity and offer rehabilitation to affected persons. All site locations


We are committed to making a positive impact for all our stakeholders – our business partners, customers and employees. We are also committed to the communities in which we operate and that is why our corporate social responsibility is as strategic as our steel making.

In the five states in which operate - Gujarat, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh - we have a significant industrial presence and we are big employers. That makes us a valuable part of the local economy. Each local community is a valued partner in our common collaboration, which is ultimately designed to protect the environment and improve quality of lives of the locals.

Our CSR initiatives impact 188 villages and serve more than 500,000 people, with priorities in local education, healthcare, livelihood and the environment. In short, our aim is to be a good neighbour