Product Solutions

Application engineering and product development at AM/NS India is the corner stone of a successful integration that combines deep insight and understanding of the customer’s current and evolving needs with a meaningful product development solution. As one of the key drivers of our business, it supports the expansion of the business development efforts in our company. The Application Engineering team provides a synergy between the plant, marketing, quality, research and development, product development and process control functions of our business.

The new product development efforts of our application engineering team delivers sustained value-creation for our valued customers right from conceptual design stage to ready for service value engineered solutions resulting in demonstrable improvements.

AM/NS India has also pioneered in the design and usage of advanced high-strength steels and was first to launch high-strength hot rolled steel in India. Our other initiatives include developing new generation steels for weight saving and rationalization of steel grades for optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

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Shot Blasted and Primer Coated

Used directly for fabrication; designed to make the fabrication process more time and cost efficient for our customers.

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Chequered plates

Our chequered plates offer high friction, ensuring maximum skid resistance. Available in a tear drop pattern and a shot blasted surface.

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Factory Welded Beams

We fabricate factory welded beams from steel plates, customizing each order with a range of options and advantages that improve productivity for customers.

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Burnt-To-Shape Plate

Burnt-to-Shape (BTS) or Flame Cut products are shapes carved out of hot rolled plates using oxy/ plasma cutting.

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Trapezoidal Blanks

Our trapezoidal sheets allow components to be punched out with reduced wastage; improving productivity and saving raw material cost.