Branded Products

AM/NS India brings decades of experience in producing the right grade of steel for your industry. We understand that every manufacturer needs customisation delivered at a competitive cost. AM/NS India provides the best of both worlds; smarter steel delivered the way you want it; at a price you want.

We approach every demand from every industry with a view of co-development and continuous improvement. We have a dedicated team of Application Engineers ready to collaborate with your design team and co-create innovative steel solutions for your end use and end user. This helps us to deliver more value to the customer and makes us the supplier of choice.

The quality and value of our products are a result of continuous improvement across our supply chain – from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product. We set new benchmarks in product performance and the benefits of this accrue to our customers over the entire product life cycle.

AM/NS India is proud to present our line of branded products which are specially geared to deliver extraordinary performance on critical functionalities:

  • Borostar – Increased strength after hot forming –Steel with boron
  • Tufmax – Higher strength and toughness – Steel with refined grain structure
  • Rockstar – Higher wear resistance – Steel is Quenched & Tempered
  • Armapro – Steel with Excellent Ballastic Protection
  • Solgal – Long life and high strength – Steel with higher Zn coating and stronger steel base

We produce more than 300 grades of steel to an array of international compliance standards, all engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and projects. We follow rigorous quality management systems: ISO 9001:2008 • ISO 14001:2004 • ISO 50001:2011 • ISO/TS 16949:2009 • OHSAS 18001:2007. Our products are accredited by Indian and global industry bodies and their comprehensive listing is available in the respective segments.