Our Hazira manufacturing complex houses India's widest modern steel plate mill, producing 5-meter-wide plates with a capacity of 1.5 MTPA. The plate mill is equipped with hydraulic automatic gauge control and an online gamma thickness gauge. These produce value-added plates with tight dimension tolerance for specialized applications, all in accordance with international standards.

This ultra-modern plate mill with level 2 automation, flatness and profile control models rolled products with tight dimension tolerance. Full body ultrasonic testing ensures that quality is maintained for optimal performance under extreme conditions.

The heavy plates are rolled in thickness ranging between 5.0 mm and 150 mm, with a maximum width of 4,900 mm and maximum length of 25,000 mm. The maximum unit plate weight is 17 MT. The plates are catered to various application segments including structural line pipe (sweet and sour), boilers and pressure vessels, windmill, yellow goods, ship building and defense.