Hot Dip Galvanized (Coated)

We manufacture superior galvanized products at our Hazira coating facility, with a capacity of 1.0 MTPA. Our galvanized products offer a range of clear advantages, including corrosion resistance, good service life, excellent surface finish and tight dimensional tolerance.

Our galvanized steels are extensively used for an array of applications: construction, pre-engineered building (PEB), white goods and appliances, and automotive industries. They are also used for grain silos, A/C ducting, cable trays and solar panels, elements of ventilation systems, ceiling systems, windows reinforcements, sections and accessories for the installation of plaster boards and plaster fiber sheets, flooring, drain systems and sandwich panels.

Key features of our galvanized products features

  • They are produced using advanced technologies including clean steel making, liquid core reduction, and modern rolling mills for refined metallurgical properties.
  • They offer uniform coating (90 to 600 GSM) with a choice of spangle (zero, minimized, and suppressed), tension levelling and wider width of up to 1340mm.