Cold Rolled Close Annealed (CRCA) Coils and Sheets

Our flagship manufacturing complex at Hazira commands a leading position in the cold rolling segment, with a capacity of 2 MTPA, through a 6 Hi Hitachi mill and a tandem mill. Coils are rolled from between 0.40 mm and 3.2 mm in width and range from 200 mm to 1,625 mm in length. Our Cold Rolled Close Annealed (CRCA) products demonstrate high strength, ductility and uniform mechanical properties with close dimensional control and superior surface finish.

Our CRCA products are manufactured in deep drawing, extra deep drawing, interstitial free steels and high strength grades, all conforming to various national and international standards. We employ an automatic gauge control (AGC) system to guarantee dimensional accuracy.

The technology available at Hazira ensures we consistently deliver high-quality products for critical applications in sectors such as automotive, semi- processed electrical steel, packaging, medium carbon and high carbon, boron steel and general engineering.

Our cold rolled mills offer the following features:

  • Assured formability and the production of clean steel, with low sulfur and fewer tramp elements.
  • Close dimensional tolerances, ensured by an automatic gauge control (AGC) system.
  • Minimal deviation in mechanical properties, ensuring short setting time on presses.
  • Table-top flatness through automatic flatness control and skin pass facility.
  • Superior surface finish for excellent painting results.