Burnt-To-Shape Plate

Burnt-to-Shape (BTS) or Flame Cut products are shapes carved out of hot rolled plates using oxy/ plasma cutting. At AM/NS India, we recognize our customers aren’t just looking to us for their raw material needs, but ways to constantly improve the quality and value of their own products; we collaborate with manufacturers to produce steel that meets standards and secures quality for the final product. Factors such as wide ranges of thickness and width, flexible chemistry, shorter lead times, surface quality, flatness and edge quality (perpendicular edge and smoothness) all help our customer focus on creating superior finished products of their own.

Our BTS products offer parts that are shipped ready for assembly, save floor space and time and reduce your freight cost as they are based on part ship weight, rather than raw plate weight. The dimensions of the product range in thickness from 40 mm (on plasma) to 200 mm (on oxy), of up to 5,000 mm and length of up to 18,000 mm.

Our BTS are typically used for:
  • Heavy earth moving equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Pre-engineered building
  • Boilers and heat exchanger
  • General engineering
  • Wind towers (for wind energy)