Steel Solutions for a Safer Drive

With decades of experience, we have the expertise it takes to produce the right grade of steel for your vehicle. We have a deep understanding of the needs of automotive companies and are able to offer customization at a competitive cost.

We are the only integrated steel manufacturer with its own steel service centres and Hypermart, our network of distribution centres, making the ‘just in time’ model of delivery a reality. Our integrated supply chain allows access to everything a component manufacturer needs to deliver for an assembly line, from hot rolled steel to the final custom blank.

This is our promise: guaranteed and timely delivery, in the right size, the right quantity and at the right place.

We have developed grades for various component groups. For PV, CV, 2/3 Wheelers, these include:
  • Frame and Chassis grades / A pillar/B pillar.
  • Wheels and Axle cover grades
  • Load bodies and Full body cover
  • Suspension systems
  • Cabin and Body panel
  • Braking systems
  • Seating systems

Our nimble operations allow us to respond quickly to the dynamic needs of the auto industry and focus on collaborative development with customers and continuous improvement. We have a dedicated team of application engineers ready to collaborate with our customers’ design team and co-create innovative steel solutions for your end use and end user. This helps us deliver more value and makes us the supplier of choice for the auto industry