The environment

Caring for the environment is of critical importance to ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel. 

Three of ArcelorMittal’s ten sustainable development outcomes are explicitly dedicated to improving the environmental impact of our activities. They are: efficient use of resources and high recycling rates, trusted user of air, land and water, and responsible energy user that helps create a lower carbon future.

Similarly, Nippon Steel is deeply committed to managing operations so as to reduce and minimize impact on the environment at all stages, from technological development work to the purchase of raw materials and equipment, manufacturing processes, transportation of products, their use, as well as recycling and disposal.

Together, AM/NS India will work to implement the highest environmental standards and technology in Indian steelmaking. This will include the application of latest low-carbon technologies to increase crude steel production with a lower carbon footprint, and realize the most environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical practices across our India operations.