Plans for AM/NS India

Our plans

Our business has access to the resources and expertise of two of the world’s leading steel companies.

This provides a unique platform from which we can build our steelmaking capabilities and expand and improve our product range. Our efforts involve raising the performance of our high-potential India assets in line with industry-leading standards, infusing world-class steelmaking and R&D knowledge, securing significant levels of employment, and ensuring we are worthy of the communities in which we operate, and, of course, India.

Our intention is to increase finished steel shipments to 8.5 million tonnes over the medium-term. This will be achieved will be achieved initially through ongoing capital expenditure projects and efficiencies through our expertise and best practices; and then commissioning additional assets, while simultaneously improving product quality and grades to realise better margins.

A long-term aspiration is to increase our finished steel shipments in India to between 12 million tonnes and 15 million tonnes through the addition of new iron and steelmaking assets, so that we can play an active role and fully benefit from the anticipated growth in the Indian steel industry.