Our commitment to India

We share a common vision with India and to fulfil it we have defined five areas of commitment: value, people, technology, sustainability and governance: 


1. To create value for the Indian steel industry and the domestic economy.

Steel consumption growth in India today is just 70 kg per capita compared with the global average of 225 kg. As the Indian economy continues to grow, so too will its steel intensity. We want to support this growth. We want to contribute to India’s ambitious target for steel production of 300 million tonnes a year by 2030.

2. To invest in the safety, skills and professional development of our people.

Our employees should be able to work with integrity, knowing that diversity is valued and that every individual is respected and able to develop their potential. And safety is our highest priority.

3. To introduce new technology. 

This will help Indian manufacturing produce products fit for a growing Indian economy. ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel between them offer the broadest and deepest product portfolios in the global steel industry and are committed to introducing new, higher-grade, higher-added value products into our India product mix.

4. To introduce the highest standards of sustainability to our India operations

This spectrum will cover the way we make steel and use resources, how we develop new products, and support our people and our communities.

5. To bring the highest standards of governance to our India business.

At each of our businesses across the world, we build close ties with all our stakeholders, and India will be no exception. By establishing a positive working dialogue, we will better understand what India expects of us.