Safety: our highest priority

AM/NS India wants its people to be safe and healthy, and committed to our success. Our employees should be able to work with integrity, knowing that diversity is valued and that every individual is respected and able to develop their potential.

Our highest priority

Safety is our highest priority, and essential if we are to meet our ambition of building a high-performing team. Improving safety, and specifically preventing fatalities, is a key focus for everyone across the company.

Golden rules of safety


I will come to work in a “fit and able” condition


I will follow the lockout/isolation procedure when working on equipment


I will respect all the rules of load handling at all times and never stand under a suspended load


I will respect rail priority and stay out of close clearance areas without proper precautions being taken


I will not disable safety devices


I will use fall protection or prevention whenever and wherever required according to our standards


I will follow the confined space entry procedure before entering as well as during the full duration of the task


I will respect all the traffic rules


I will respect the rules for entering and/or working in hazardous gas areas


I will respect all the H&S basic rules, standards and signals and I will wear the required PPE

"Working safely is a matter of choice – one that we make every time we act, at every level in the company. We make safety the priority, and it requires boldness to make this priority real. Every person in ArcelorMittal – each employee, temporary worker, contractor – has the responsibility to lead, empower and engage every other person to make sure everybody goes home safe, every day."

Lakshmi N Mittal Chairman and CEO, ArcelorMittal

"'Safety First’ has no borders. Safety is essential for any company, so that all employees and their families can feel confident. Nippon Steel’s safety performance is among the top level in the global steel industry, and we are dedicated to realizing further improvements here, with the support and diligence of all of you. Our internal greeting in Nippon Steel ‘Go Anzen Ni!’, which means ‘Be Safe’, instead of ‘Hello’ or ‘Namaste!’"

Eiji Hashimoto President, Nippon Steel