Research & Development

Constant innovation is central to our objective of making smarter, more sustainable steel in India. In 2019, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) named AM/NS India in its list of ‘Top 25 Innovative Companies’ in India.

Our research and development (R&D) team plays a key role in innovation drive within our company. The team pursues continual improvements in our industrial processes and steel products, with an enduring aim to improve quality as well as operational and environmental efficiencies.

Our R&D in Hazira, Gujarat is accredited by India’s Department of Industrial and Scientific Research (Ministry of Science and Technology).

R&D Focus

Our R&D team applies technological expertise and practical ingenuity to work on the advancement of every aspect of our steel plant operations, including:

  • Engineering of new grades of steel to meet the stated and implied needs of our customers’
  • Seamless collaboration with our operations team to consistently improve the efficiency of our manufacturing processes
  • Lab and industrial plant-based studies to master the behaviours of raw materials, especially those that will help push the frontiers of safe and sustainable in steel making in the future.
  • Reduce, recycle and re-use the by-products of steelmaking as part of our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint.

Our R&D team also works collaboratively with several research and educational institutions in India as part of our desire and duty to contribute to the growth of the country’s manufacturing skills and knowledge base.

Innovation at work

R&D has been instrumental in the development of several grades of steel applied in a variety of sectors. Many of these grades are being produced for the first time in India and are substituting imports.

  • A proprietary portfolio of plate products such as ROCKSTAR™ for heavy earth moving application, and ToughMax™, for high strength structural application, as well as clad plates and soft magnetic steel
  • The design of novel alloying strategies to produce stronger and thinner materials from our existing Hot Strip Mills for the automobile sector
  • A wide range of cold rolled annealed and coated products
  • A range of welded pipes for oil and gas sector

Sustainable steelmaking

While the development of new, superior and value-added products is critical in attaining steel industry leadership, our commitment to doing so in a safe and responsible manner is resolute.

Our R&D team has developed several new methods to improve our manufacturing processes and recycle by-products and have been granted several patents. One notable example has been the installation of a 500 TPD Corex coal briquetting facility at Hazira with a patented process technology for recycling.